Nikkei Cuisine

  • Nikkei Cuisine at Indigo Beach Club Playa del Carmen
  • Nikkei Cuisine at Indigo Beach Club Playa del Carmen
  • Nikkei Cuisine at Indigo Beach Club Playa del Carmen
  • Nikkei Cuisine at Indigo Beach Club Playa del Carmen
  • Nikkei Cuisine at Indigo Beach Club Playa del Carmen

Cucumber, carrot, avocado and cream cheese. Topping with white sesame seeds.
2. Maki Furai
Salmon, avocado and cream cheese. Crispy roll.
3. Tropic
Ebi tempura (Shrimp tempura)and cream cheese. Outside mango topping with passion fruit honey.
4. Machupichu
Salmon with Japanese butter grilled with avocado and cream cheese, outside crispy black quinoa.
5. Palteado
Ebi tempura (tempura shrimp), cream cheese and avocado with teriyaki sauce on top.
6. Neggimaki
Sweet potato tempura, lettuce, shrimp with spicy-sweet sauce and crispy onion.
7. Iroshima
Ebi furai (fried shrimp) and avocado, topping with parmesan fish.
8. Indigo Nikkei
Spicy tuna and avocado inside, tuna tataki (seared tuna) topping with japonese citrics.
9. Teri Maki
Ebi furai (fried shrimp), cream cheese. Wrapped in salmon, baby lemon and teriyaki.


10. Oriental
Tuna, crispy quinoa, kyuri (Japanese cucumber) and scallions in yuzu Japanese sauce (lemon Japanese sauce).
11. Wasabi
Mixed seafood ceviche with creamy tiger milk, wasabi and sweet potato threads.
12. Classic Peruvian
Shiromi (white fish), peruvian tiger milk, sweet potato and corn.
13. Tuna to the truffle
Tuna in truffle butter and spring onion.

14. Salmón
With truffle oil and citrus zest.

15. Salmon
With yellow pepper and furikake.

16. Parmesan
White fish gratín with parmesan and chalaquita (coriander, onion and lemon).


17. Octopus
Classic octopus tiradito with green olives sauce and black olives mayonnaise.
18. Peru
Thin slices of white fish with cucumber dressed in a Peruvian yellow pepper and crispy red quinoa.
19. Salmon
Salmon with passion fruit syrup and filio strips.

20. Indigo
Tuna with aliño tai (oyster sauce, lemon and sesame oil) with togarashi (chile, sesame, orange peel and shiso) with coconut milk and spring onions.


21. Tuna
With avocado and Japanese cucumber.
22. Salmon
With avocado and Japanese cucumber.

After 6 pm


Classic Cesar Salad
Green Apple and Cranberry
Mixed lettuce, cranberries, green apple, nuts, cucumber, tomato, parmesan cheese with lime, honey and serrano chile dressing.
Clams, mussels, shrimp and octopus with fennel, thin slices of orange and grapefruit served with mandarin and chipotle dressing.

Stuffed with spinach in white sesame crust and a citrus sauce accompanied by ratatouille.
With chipotle mayonnaise served with spices and mashed carrot and orange.
Beef filet
With blue cheese gratín, cooked in wood oven and served with a red wine sauce accompanied by pumpkin stuffed with mushroom duxelle and turned potatoes.

With fresh Italian mozzarella.
With fresh Italian mozzarella, parmesan cheese, red onion and black olives.
With fresh Italian mozzarella, dried tomato, zucchini and cherry tomato.